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Internal Command

"Internal Command" action type is used to invoke another built-in bot command.

How it is useful?#

You can use this type of action to add an aliases to existent built-it bot commands.

The behavior and settings#

  • The command content is a field where you should specify the name (with parameters optionally) of build-it command that you want to add an alias to.

  • You shouldn't type prefix. If you change it, such command will stop working.

  • If built-in command involves interacting with some input parameters, write {{arguments}} in the command content after the command name.

  • The access rights of both commands will be checked. For example, if you set an allowed role in a custom command, and also set another allowed role in the command that is being redirected to, you will need to have both of these roles to execute such command.


Command content template must always point to the internal command by its correct name and it should be enabled as well.

In case if wrong command name is entered or it doesn't exists at all in result of template processing, and this action is being executed by Slash Command or Message Component, Discord will return an interaction failure error.


Let's say you need a command !profile that doing the exact same thing as !user. To do it, you need:

  1. Create a new custom command;

  2. Select the "Internal Command" action type;

  3. In the command content enter the user {{ arguments }};

  4. Save.

Note that we used {{ arguments }} to pass all arguments to build-in command so the !profile @SomeMember would also work.