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General variables for most of Message Templates

Common Variables#

Message Templates have some common predefined variables:

Variable Type Description
guild Guild Server information
bot Member Member instance of JuniperBot itself
member Member Member instance related to this template
channel TextChannel Target channel where this template should be sent (if only guild message, not DMs)
sourceChannel TextChannel Source channel like the channel where the custom command were invoked. It is different from channel that the last one may be different target channel selected in the message template interface.
message Message Message instance related to this template. For example, custom command invocation message or violation message in Auto-Moderation.
override Embed Embed overrides (allows to set template embed values by code)

Those variables are always included in every message template. Sections below will describe some additional variables for a different message templates.‌

Member Ranking#

Level up announcement message template has some additional variables:

Variable Type Description
rolesAdded List<Role> List of role-rewards added
rolesRemoved List<Role> List of role-rewards removed


These variables are used in Auto-Moderation Filters for violation notifications. Each filter has its own set of variables:

Variable Type Description
infraction.linkUrl String Detected link
infraction.inviteCode String Detected invite code

Invites Filter#

Variable Type Description
infraction.inviteUrl String Detected invite link<code>

Bad Words Filter#

Variable Type Description
infraction.word String Detected bad word

Repeated Text Filter#

Variable Type Description
infraction.count Number Amount of messages triggered

Caps Lock Filter#

Variable Type Description
infraction.percent Number Uppercase characters percent in the message

Emotes Filter#

Variable Type Description
infraction.count Number Amount of emotes detected

Mentions Filter#

Variable Type Description
infraction.mentionType String Type of detected excessive mentions
infraction.count Number Amount of excessive mentions detected

Zalgo Filter#

Variable Type Description
infraction.percent Number Percentage of Zalgo-characters to the whole message


These variables are used in Subscriptions for announcement messages:


Variable Type Description
channel TwitchChannel Channel information
stream TwitchStream Stream information
game TwitchGame Playing game information


Variable Type Description
channel YouTubeChannel Channel information
video YouTubeVideo Video information


Variable Type Description
post VkWallPost Post information

Custom Commands#

Additional variables passed to custom commands Actions.

Variable Type Description
arguments Arguments Information about arguments passed to the command.
parameters Parameters Information about parameters passed to the action.
component Component Information about component executed the action.
modal Modal Information about modal executed the action.