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Message Templates

Message Templates and Template Engine.

What is it and why we need it?#

Message Templates are special message constructors and editors for commands, notifications, reminders and a lot of other stuff that you can find in server's dashboard. Each of them can contain some message related information that you can insert in the right places using special markup language that our built-in template engine offers.

Message Template Structure#

Structure of all Message Templates is mostly the same on the whole system, check the User Interface article.

Message Templates are used in the features like:

  • Notifications;
  • Level up announcements;
  • Custom Commands;
  • Auto-Moderation announcements.

JuniperBot sequentially processes all template fields in the following order:

  1. Message Content Template;
  2. Embed Content Template
  3. Embed's Author values;
  4. Embed's Title values;
  5. Embed's Footer values;
  6. Embed's Fields (both name and value).

What should we do with this?#

Template Engine of the JuniperBot is very powerful tool and requires some programming skills to understand it.

If you are not fimiliar those things, welcome to the Beginners article.

If you're brave enouth and ready to familiarize yourself with the power of the template engine, welcome to the Advanced article.