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Duration is used in commands with specified duration of some action. It is written in sequence of amounts and units without spaces, for example:

  • 1day
  • 1hour
  • 8hours30mins

Check the table below explained all supported units, their names and short names:

Unit Name
Year y, year, years, г, год, года, лет
Months mo, mos, month, months, мес, месяц, месяца, месяцев
Weeks w, week, weeks, н, нед, неделя, недели, недель, неделю
Days d, day, days, д, день, дня, дней
Hours h, hour, hours, ч, час, часа, часов
Minutes m, min, mins, minute, minutes, м, мин, минута, минуту, минуты, минут
Seconds s, sec, secs, second, seconds, c, сек, секунда, секунду, секунды, секунд