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Frequently Asked Questions#

Music is lagging and stuttering. How to fix that?#

This issue can because by the following reasons:

  • Music servers under high load: You can find current music servers load in the playback message or on the Statistics page. If the load less than 80%, it is not an issue.
  • Connection issues to Discord voice gateway or its high load: There is a network unit between you and the bot called a voice gateway. Discord has a lot ot them tied to the Region selected in the voice channel settings. The issue may be between the gateway and the bot, or between you and this gateway. Try changing the region of the voice channel and see if the things got improved (do not forget to completely restart the music playback).
  • Сonnection issues to the music source: Beyond our control could be a connection issues to the music source (SoundCloud, Yandex.Music, radio stations) so the music source itself is under high load or the connection is unstable. The issues may be either temporary or permanent and this could happen for radio stations basicaly. Unfortunately, we are not a huge company and we cannot have a music servers in every part of the world to provide a stable connection to everything. If this happens, try changing the radio station, use SoundCloud instead of Yandex.Music, or vice versa.

What permissions are required to access server's dashboard?#

Server's dashboard is only available for server owner and the members with Administrator permission in their roles.


Note that any of those members can modify anything in server's dashboard. He could even manage to get the roles higher than his own.

It is just a karma or reputation system, a simple counter that you can increment:

  1. @mention member with cookie 🍪 emoji in the message. For example: @NicePerson#1234 :cookie:
  2. Add 🍪 reaction to message of desired member.


One member can give the 🍪 to another only once within 10 minutes.

What is Cluster and Shard?#

Shard is a part of JuniperBot which handles specific portion of servers.
Cluster is physical server instance handling specific portion of shards.

Can we play bot's playlist again and how to do that?#

Supported users can do that using !play command with playlist link specified.


Playlist links are always displayed in play messages after clicking the save playlist button.

Will be any economic system implemented here?#

Will not. At all. Never. Use message templates, and make the functionality you need yourself.

How to calculate EXP required for level?#

Check the Ranking experience article.

How to limit commands to work only in certain channels or for certain members?#

Check the Custom Commands article. Access settings are suitable for build-in commands as well.

Bot doesn't assign a starter role and/or doesn't send a welcome message. How to fix that?#

This issue can be caused by the following reasons:

  • You tested this on another bot. Juniper doesn't assign a starter role and doesn't send a welcome messages to bots.
  • The bot lacks a Manage Roles permission;
  • The starting role is higher than the role of the bot;
  • The problematic starter role is also set as Mute Role in Moderation settings (it will be added only if member is actually muted);
  • The Membership Screening is enabled on your server and member didn't accept your server rules yet.

Bot doesn't assign or removes roles.#

This issue can be caused by the following reasons:

  • There is some Discord bug that causes member profiles don't syncronize correctly. The role is actually assigned or removed and you can check it in Discord's Audit. Try to restart your Discord client to force update member profile (you can press Ctrl+R to do so);
  • The bot lacks Manage Roles permission;
  • That role is higher than the own bot roles so it cannot manage it by hierarchy.

Mute/ban/kick/warn informational messages are getting deleted over time. How to disable this?#

Common section server's dashboard has the "Delete messages about successful operations" option. Just enter 0 there so it will never delete those messages.

What programming language bot was written?#

The bot is written in Kotlin and Java programming language.

I have an idea. Where I can suggest it?#

You can suggest your ideas on our feedback website.