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Forest Fuss

Mafia roleplaying game with animals.


Forest Fuss — is kind of party psychological game «Mafia» participants of which are forest dwellers.

Players are divided into two teams: Predators and Victims.

User Interface#


Manage Channels permission is required to get Forest Fuss working.


  • Wolves — a flock eating a single beast at night. Eaten leaves the game.
  • Fox — lives separately from the Wolves and is not familiar with them. Each night steals food reserves from any of the forest animals (regardless of the role). If the beast is robbed twice, he does not have food for the winter and he leaves to live in the neighboring forest, leaving his team and game.


  • Rabbits — the most peaceable animals. They sleep through the night sweetly and participate only in daytime discussions and in voting for exile.
  • Mole — at night digs mink, from time to time getting into the houses to other animals, learning which team they belong to.
  • Beaver — at night, if desired, returns a portion of stocks stolen by the Fox to the beast. Beaver compensates all the damage caused to the beast by Fox (no matter how many times he was robbed). If Fox tries to steal the Beaver''s reserves, nothing will happen to Beaver, no matter how many times this happens.

Daily voting#

As soon as day comes, animals start to discuss the nightly incidents, someone trying to confuse the others, someone trying to understand, the participants vote for someone to expel from the Forest. Whoever receives more votes is deemed to be expelled from the Forest. If the vote is a draw, then the exile will not take place. The exiled player leaves the game, his role is revealed.

When there are only one team left in the game, the team is declared the winner.


The game starts with a short night, where everyone learns their roles, the wolves get acquainted with each other. At the first night, Wolves doesn't eat anyone, the Fox doesn't rob anyone, Beaver doesn't share the stocks, but the Mole can already dig a mink and check out one of the animals. Soon the day is announced, and the whole Forest wakes up. Animals can discuss and vote. Then night begins and night moves can already perform all night roles.

The nights and days alternate. The order of the night moves: Wolves – Fox – Beaver – Mole.