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Member Ranking

Member Ranking system description

Enable Member Ranking#

Member Ranking system is disabled by default, you can enable it in "Member Ranking" section of your server's dashboard.

Also, you can configure it for your own needs: specify ignored roles and channels, level up announcement message, add level rewards, reset ranking for certain members or for the whole server.


Use Ranking Exp article to understand how EXP is calculated.

Member Ranking system also includes a karma or reputation system called "Cookie Box". It is a simple counter you can increment in the following ways:

  • Send a message with an member's mention and cookie emoji, for example: @Member 🍪
  • Add an cookie reaction to member's existent message.


Cookie Box increment is rate-limited between members to not let them abuse it so they can give a cookie only once in 10 minutes.

Public Ranking Page#

Public Ranking Page is the dedicated webpage wil the same member's ranking list as you have in server's dashboard in Member Ranking section. You can enable it there as well so it will be available at "leaders" command or by the following URL:<SERVER_ID>

Ranking Card#

Supported users can use a customized backgrounds for their ranking cards.

Server's card#

Server's ranking card background can be configured at ranking settings of this server in case if bonuses are active on this server. It will be used for any member of this server with some exceptions.

Personal card#

Supported users can also set up their personal ranking card that will be shown at every server even if the server has its own customized ranking card. It can be configured in profile.