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Audo-Moderation will make your moderator's lifes easier helping them to monitor member's messages automatically.


Filters are special triggers in moderation settings of server's dashboard resposible for certain actions:

  • Links — triggers to unwanted links;
  • Invites — triggers to Discord server invites;
  • Bad Words — triggers to unwanted words in messages;
  • Repeated Text — triggers to specified amount of equal messages (flood) from the same member;
  • Caps Lock — triggers to excessive CAPS LOCK in messages;
  • Emotes — triggers to excessive amount of emotes in the single message (not reactions!);
  • Mentions — triggers to excessive amount of channel and members mention in the single message;
  • Zalgo — triggers to z͍͖̟a̶̠l̩̗͖̻̭g̬̦̳̤̞̟͜o̝̬̳̺̱͙͘ text in messages.

Those filters have the general settings:


General Auto-Moderation Settings
  • Restraint — is the punishment action that will be applied to violator;
  • Do not affect Administrators and Moderators — allows to disable this filter for server's owner, members with Administrator permission and moderator roles specified in the moderation settings of server's dashboard;
  • Affected Roles — filter will be applied to members with specified roles. Will be applied to everyone if empty;
  • Ignored Roles — filter will not trigger any actions for roles specified here;
  • Affected Channels and Categories — filter will be applied only to specified text channels. Any channel if empty;
  • Ignored Channels and Categories — filter will not trigger for specified text channels.

Also, every filter has a message template that will be sent once its triggered with some additions:

  • {{infraction.*}} — are template variables with some detailed information about violation. For example, a link triggered the link filter.