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The latest JuniperBot changes are described here.

Version 12.9#


  • Auto-Moderation filters will also check polls content now;
  • Command сброспред/resetwarns now will not let moderators reset their own warns if they don't have administrator permissions;
  • Fixed an issue with времроль/temprole not updating the expiration date correctly when reassigning existing temp roles;

Message Templates#

  • Polls support has been added for custom commands and reminders:
  • Message Templates UI now has a new section for attaching polls;
  • New methods have been added for Embed data type: withPoll and addPollAnswer for attaching the polls;
  • override also supports the methods above to override the action poll settings configured using UI;
  • set/global now supports compound assignment operators (+=, -=, *=, etc);
  • New method has been added for Guild data type: clearAllAttributes to clear all the attributes for all members;
  • Fixed a type conversion issues with results of last function;

Web Dashboard#

  • Added support for Roles emoji icons;
  • It is possible to reorder slash command option choices now in custom command settings;
  • Fixed an issue with unique action name checks in custom commands;
  • Fixed an issue with reaction roulette saving if more than 50 emojis specified;
  • Fixed an issue with some values rounding in dashboard audit;


  • Message Delete audit logs now supports polls content;
  • Music playback control panel now has a queue shuffle button and separate queue list and save buttons;
  • The behaviour of the default notifications messages has been changed (welcome messages, boosts, level up announcements, etc):
  • Default message will be assigned only in case if all the template settings are empty (including embed settings);
  • Fixed an issue with slash commands names caused a conflict where global command was able to run custom command with the same name;
  • Fixed an issue with subscription creations if its name had a blacklisted content for webhooks (Discord, Clyde, etc. They will be removed now);
  • Fixed an issue with name restoring on member rejoin;
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 12.8#


  • Bad Words Auto-Moderation filter now should work correctly with different letter cases;
  • Added an option to toggle case ignoring in Bad Words filter (ignored by default);
  • Added an option to specify default warning duration;
  • преды/warns command now has a relative timestamp for convenience;
  • Fixed an issue with сброспред/resetwarns when attempt to reset own warns counted as resetting warning of the whole server;

Message Templates#

  • Each template editor now has its own dedicated toolbar, including full screen editor;
  • Identifiers now accept underscore as their first character;
  • Data Types embed and message now have pin and unpin methods to pin/unpin related message accordingly;
  • override now has preferEphemeral and editComponentMessage methods to override those template settings;
  • Fixed an issue with split function returning unmodifiable list in some cases;
  • Fixed an issue with embed's error method that didn't set red color properly;
  • Fixed an issue with instant message deletion if a big value was specified for embed's deleteAfterSec;
  • Fixed an issue with lack or interaction response in case when only footer timestamp was set in the embed template;


  • Added an option to dashboard allowing to update member's voice activity;
  • Added an option to disable EXP for text messages and voice activity;
  • Text and voice parts of the ranking system now have separate settings for ignored roles and channels;


  • Repeated reminders now have more advanced publication interval settings (day of weeks, months, etc);
  • Fixed some issues with music and streams playback from different sources (Twitch, Vimeo, etc);
  • Updated timezones list;
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 12.7#

Message Templates#

  • Data type Thread now has the parent property containing parent channel;
  • Data type Guild now has the userCount and the botCount properties for amount of users without bots and amount of bots correspondingly;
  • Data type Member now has the moderator property flag to detect if this member a server moderator;
  • Data types Member and Role now have the hasPermissions methods to check multiple permissions;
  • Function replace now supports case-insensitive replacement;
  • Function contains now supports matching a set of substrings (will match any of specified);
  • Function shuffle has been added that can be used to shuffle the list;
  • The override global template variable has been added as Embed data type that will allow to set template embed values;
  • Manually created lists and maps are modifiable now;
  • Using invalid emojis or urls are properly handled now and bot will return sane error about that;
  • Fixed an issue with type conversion for values created by using the first function;
  • Fixed an issue with letter cases of slash parameters names;
  • Fixed an issue with wrong date templates passed into the date function;


  • Mute DM notifications have been added;
  • Added an ability to rename the custom commands group;
  • Added an ability to search members by id at Ranking Members list;
  • Custom Commands, Auto-Moderation Filters and other dialogs now have a warning about unsaved changes;
  • Fixed an issue with Custom Command Import in cases where the command had a slash parameters longer than 32 characters;


  • Emoji database has been updated to Emoji 15 used by Discord;
  • Roles and Nicknames audits now don't depend on internal members cache and should work more reliably;
  • Message Edit/Delete audits have an attachments with full contents for messages longer than 1000 characters;
  • Some Alias action type improvements for a certain commands like warn/remwarn/reminder;
  • Fixed an issue with мьют/mute command related to roles amount limit;
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 12.6#


  • Amount of maximum available bad words has been increased to 5000;
  • The discord:// protocol has been taken into the account for invites filter;
  • Fixed a capslock filter issue where it didn't exclude the mentions;


  • Media channels support (not widely yet);
  • The "Internal Command" action will return a correct error message to the attempt to run unknown internal command;
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 12.5#

  • Auto-Moderation filters not check slash command parameters;
  • Preparing to migrate to the new website;
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 12.4#

  • Audit logs now records the new discord usernames;
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 12.3#

  • split template engine function doesn't accept regex anymore (sorry), don't allow to split string to chars and has a resulting list size limit (1000);
  • number_format template engine function now prints decimals correctly without trailing zeroes;
  • Adaptation to Discord new username system;
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 12.2#

Message Templates#

  • Data passed to parameters is now available for actions of message components sent using createEmbed()<...>.send();
  • Macros support has been implemented (user functions), new tag macro;
  • New select menus support has been added to message components (roles, members, channels);
  • Arguments#getOptionsByType accepts two new types:
  • MENTIONABLE for mixed "Member/Role";
  • ATTACHMENT for attachments;
  • arguments.targetMember property has been added combining a "target member" for member (mentioned member and other);


  • Context menus support has been implemented for custom commands;
  • New parameters types have been added for slash commands (Attachments and mixed Member/Role);
  • Announcement channels are now supported again for subscriptions;
  • Commands warn/пред and mute/мьют now can be used on members who left the server;
  • Relative reminder time has been added to reminders list;
  • Auto-Moderation emojis database has been updated to Unicode 14.0;
  • Fixed an issue with slash subcommands weren't mentioned properly in help/хелп;
  • Fixed an issue with huge custom slash command (by length sum of all the settings) caused a broken generation of slash commands data for Discord;
  • Fixed an issue with help/хелп categories and commands didn't work when bot language settings did not match the member's Discord interface language;
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 12.1#

  • Modal Forms support has been added to custom commands (new action type, available with bonus);
  • Slash Commands changes:
  • Slash Commands for internal commands are global now, not guild-side as before;
  • Slash Commands names language now depends on your discord client interface language;
  • Now it is possible to create up to 100 custom slash commands thanks to available space because of those changes;
  • Command цвет/color has been removed as unnecessary, use changing roles in custom commands, setting them up individually for your own needs (reactions, menu, buttons, etc);
  • Fixed an issue with message.mentinedMembers property was always empty for actions executed by message components;
  • Fixed an issue with selecting stage channel as default music channel;
  • Fixed an issue with assigning temp role to stage channels;
  • Fixed an issue with deleting message in template engine when deleting of this message was already planned by action settings;
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 12.0#

  • Threads, Forums, Voice Channel Chats full support (Commands, Auto-Moderation, Audit, Roulette, everything else should work now);
  • New data types have been added to Message Templates, representing new channel types;
  • getTextChannel and getVoiceChannel methods of Guild data type have been merged into getChannel that works with all channel types including new;
  • ! Old methods are still working for back compatibility but deprecated and not listed in docs anymore;
  • Fixed an issue with очистить/clear command in case of clearing own messages;
  • Fixed an issue with user rank card uploading with non-standard EXIF orientation;
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 11.11#


  • Audit logs now have an expiration field additional to durations;
  • Fixed regional indicators parsing for emojis filter (emoji letters);
  • Moderators now can use bio/осебе command to edit/clear bio of other server members;
  • New audit log has been added to track exp/level changes initiated by commands;


  • Added an option to disable legacy text commands;
  • help/хелп command now supports Slash Command mentions where possible;
  • Added an option to specify exclusions for restoring roles on member re-join;
  • level/уровень now supports relative add/subtract the same way exp/опыт does;
  • Basic "Unsaved changes" notification has been implemented across dashboard on attempt to navigate/reload/close page and changing tabs;
  • Attempt to invoke disabled command via text will not send "This command is either disabled or not available for you." message back anymore;
  • Fixed an issue with next reward level calculation when adding a new one (JavaScript moment, bruh);
  • Fixed an issue with "Open on wall" missing for VK photo embeds;
  • Fixed an issue with message template Text/Embed mode reset visually under some circumstances;
  • Fixed an issue with some ZWJ emojis were displayed wrong in message templates;
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 11.10#


  • Mute role doesn't copy everyone's permissions anymore and will be created as fully clear one;
  • Block reactions option has been added for managed mute role;
  • Last warning level behaviour can be customized now:
  • Reset member warnings keeping the last one (current behaviour);
  • Reset all member warnings including the last one;
  • Perform the last action for every following warning;
  • Accumulate warnings without any action;
  • Warning DMs now have the note about the nearest warning level punishment;
  • Ban and kick DMs now have the customizable field with note from server administration;
  • Links filter has been split into two different filters: links filter and invites filter;


  • An icon has been added to administrator roles across all dashboard settings;
  • Music playback buttons now respects the cooldown settings of corresponding commands;
  • Command error messages (access, cooldown) now respects the "Delete command invocation message" setting;
  • Dashboard timezones list has been updated;
  • Deferred message ("Bot is thinking…") support has been added to Send Message action for the cases when the command compilation is quite long due to template complexity;
  • New method clearAttributes(Key) has been added to Guild data type that can be used to clear the specified attribute for all members;
  • Fixed an issue with long URLs in link buttons weren't worked correctly;
  • Fixed an issue with skipped music message wasn't updated correctly;
  • Fixed an issue with the deleted emojis were still assigned to message buttons (and other dashboard places) as IDs;
  • Fixed an issue with audit reasons were wrong for ranking rewards role changing;
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 11.9#

Member Ranking#

  • New command exp/опыт has been added allowing to set, add and subtract member experience values;
  • Voice Activity roles rewards have been added (YIKES!);
  • Added a basic image edit/cropping while uploading ranking cards;


  • URL protocols handling has been improved for Auto-Moderation (now you can add exclusion links like steam:// and they should work correctly);
  • mute/мьют command now supports to specify text channel explicitly;
  • Emojis handling and detection has been improved for Auto-Moderation (Emoji 13.1);

Template Engine#

  • hasRoles and hasAnyRole methods have been added to Member data type;
  • delete method has been added to Message data type;


  • Every paginated list now supports fast pagination via new buttons with dynamic step size;
  • Allowed Channels and Categories setting has been added to Reaction Roulette;
  • Fixed an issue with stages weren't cleared correctly with moving or kicking bot from channels manually;
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 11.8#

Template Engine#

  • Temporary roles adding functions have been added to Member data type;
  • Member voice state data type has been added and accessible from Member data type property;
  • Weighted random support has been added to random function;
  • break and continue tags have been added for for loops;
  • Collections transformation (map or filter) support has been added (transform tag);


  • Member leave audit logs now will be sent aside with kick member logs (using kick/кик command);
  • All bots DM messages now contains a fixed button with the source server of the message;
  • Fixed an issues with unmuting former server members;
  • youtube/ютуб and wikifur/викифур are using menus now;
  • help/хелп executed via slash will show a / prefix for custom commands with slash enabled;
  • Fixed an issues with "Publication doesn't contain any keyword specified" subscriptions filter type;
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 11.7#

  • Increased maximum available amount of ranking rewards to 50;
  • mutes/мьюты command sorting direction has been changed (newly muted first);
  • unmute/размьют command clears old mute entries for deleted channels;
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 11.6#

Member Ranking#

  • Member Ranking settings are divided into sections now;
  • Rewards interface and functionality have been improved. Now you can assign two lists of roles per level, to add and remove accordingly;
  • Ignored text and voice channels are merged into single option (you should reconfigure it though, please select all voice-related channels and categories if you need it as it wasn't possible to migrate existent settings);
  • A target channels and categories setting has been added (so it has both target and ignored settings just like in commands);

Template Engine#

  • button (and Embed's addButton) functions now supports disabled state parameter;
  • flags property and hasFlag function have been added to Member data type;


  • A new command mutes/мьюты has been added showing all the active mutes on the server;
  • Message deletion audit logs now shows a picture that was part of deleted message;
  • Fixed an issue with clear command was broken if executed by custom action message components (again);
  • You can assign In-Voice Temporary Roles to the whole channel category now;
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 11.5#

  • support has been added for Subscriptions;
  • Fixed an issue with clear command was broken if executed by custom action message components;
  • sort template engine function has been improved (sort type options);
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 11.4#

  • Added an option to specify Trusted Administrator Roles that can be used to limit bot dashboard access;
  • Detailed dashboard audit has been implemented (bonus-only feature);
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 11.3#

  • New "Scam & Phishing Links" Auto-Moderation filter;
  • Role create, delete, add, remove operations are now passing a reason to Discord Audit;
  • Fixed an issue with role weren't assigning to specified member using custom slash command with member option (Change Roles Action Type);
  • Fixed an issue with messages sent by buttons weren't deleted in some cases;
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 11.2#

  • Fixed an issue with mute/мьют command was giving channel-wide mutes instead of default server-wide if no mute mode specified;
  • Discord Members Timeout basic integration for temporary server-wide mutes (can be turned on manually at the dashboard);
  • clear/очистить command now supports clearing messages from the specified duration (for slash commands you should turn them off and on to recreate the updated command);
  • Servers and payments list of bonus/бонус command is now possible even if no active bonus on account at the moment;
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 11.1#

  • Fixed an issue with min and max choices amounts for selection menu components;
  • Slash Command synchronization has been improved (it should now correctly update command name, description and privileges);
  • Relative time fields have been added for server/user information commands;
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 11.0#

Big Custom Commands Update#

Template Engine#

  • New tag run has been added allowing to execute actions;
  • New data type Component has been added allowing to get an information about message components executed the action;
  • New data type Parameters has been added allowing to get and pass data between actions and message components;
  • New data type Activity has been added containing member activity information (game, status);
  • New activities property has been added to Member data type containing list of member activities;
  • New iconUrl property has been added to Role data type containing role icon URL;
  • New methods getOption and getOptionsByType have been added to Arguments data type used to get slash options values;


  • Discord Timestamps support has been added to message templates (toolbar insert button as well as preview support);
  • Role Icon support has been added to dashboard;
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 10.6#


  • It's not allowed to execute moderation commands over bots anymore;
  • Mentions Auto-Moderation filter now supports blocking all public mentions (everyone/here);
  • Flood Auto-Moderation filter now taking into account sticker messages;


  • Command user/юзер now contains user banner, and it's embed color is now matching their profile accent color (if set);
  • Guild avatars are supported now;
  • Fixed an issue with Twitch channel search by link;
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 10.5#


  • Unban audit logs are more detailed now;
  • CAPSLOCK Auto-Moderation filter will not punish anymore for links containing capslock;
  • Links Auto-Moderation filter now supports wildcards (*, ?).


  • Mention parameter will not be ignored anymore for commands replied to message;
  • Fixed an issue with global message template tag didn't work inside sub-contexts like for;
  • Fixed an issue with covid/ковид command;
  • Fixed an issue with music track limit configurations (values greater or eq 1 are only acceptable now);
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 10.4#

  • Audit Logs improvements:
  • Channel and message link fields have been added where possible;
  • Footer now contains an avatar of related member;
  • Member join/leave now contains additional information about member;
  • Message Template preview now supports quotes;
  • Fixed an issue when custom commands menu entry was broken at help command;
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 10.3#

Forest Fuss#

Forest Fuss was rewritten from scratch:

  • New game control command: fuss/возня (old commands were removed);
  • DMs aren't used anymore;
  • All players interactions using buttons and menus now;
  • Added a settings to Fun section of dashboard including:
  • Category where game sessions channels will be created;
  • Channel Names;
  • Turn Delays;
  • Other gameplay behaviour settings.


  • Group icons in help/хелп and selection menu for group details;
  • Fixed an issue with custom commands reaction roles weren't added sometimes;
  • Music: Spotify URIs should work now;
  • Audit: Warning logs now contains channel field where warn was applied;
  • In text commands, author of replied message can be used as target member for commands where target member mention is expected;
  • Message Templates: Added a new referencedMessage property to Message objects (replied message);
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 10.2#


  • Added Spotify support for tracks, playlists and albums (searches on Yandex.Music).


  • Fixed an issue with channel fields at some auto-moderation audit action were missing caused by source message removing;
  • Fixed an issue with duration options in slash commands (sometimes actions were permanent, whoops);
  • ban/бан command improvements:
  • Fixed command behaviour when invalid ID were specified;
  • Fixed delete days parsing (it is possible to ban with message deletion but without a reason and this option is limited in range from 0 to 7);


  • Message Template preview system got improved with actual message styling, spoilers/mentions support and simple code island highlight;
  • Message Embed Content length increased to 4096 characters;
  • Subscription announces now supports message template engine;
  • Added a Stage channels support:
  • serverinfo/сервер;
  • Audit actions for stage create/close/update and members joining/leaving;
  • Stage channels as music channels (bot will join such channel, creates stage instance, changes its topic to track name);
  • Dates now using new Discord formatting feature (<t:1624389221>);
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 10.1#

Template Engine#

  • Fixed a type conversion for method arguments (forget about workarounds like arguments ~ '');
  • Implemented an advanced DateTime manipulation:
  • Extract specific date/time fields (hour, day, month, year, etc);
  • Fields modification (plus/minus);
  • Operations (comparing, subtraction to get a difference, etc);
  • Added a new function calendar that creates a new DateTime instance;
  • Added a new function duration that allows to print a milliseconds to readable format (1 hour 5 minutes);


  • Added an artist URL support for Yandex.Music;
  • Playlist saving is now optional and can be enabled using queue button in playback message;


  • Fixed an issue with bad words filter in whole words search mode (punctuation marks are no longer prevents a detection);
  • Precision adjusted for math/вычислить command;
  • Fixed a role order in command access error messages;
  • Improved a hashtag parsing for notifications;
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 10.0#

Slash Commands#

Integration with the Slash Commands Discord feature:

  • Every build-id command is not available as Slash-Command (except Forest Fuss that requires a full update, we will do it eventually);
  • Slash Command can be disabled and enabled globally in common settings (disabled by default);
  • Every Slash Command can be disabled individually letting it work in classic mode;
  • Using Slash Commands, all error messages are now ephemeral (only you can see), no more mess in the channels;
  • Slash Commands fully following the access rights of the commands (there are some catches, check documentation);


Integration with the Message Component Discord feature — Buttons:

  • Music playback message;
  • Every pageable list (leaders, covid, warngs, etc);
  • Every choosing message (commands ютуб/youtube и викифур/wikifur);
  • Added a new function to message templates to add a link buttons;
  • Reset warnings command.


  • Two new actions has been added to playback message:
  • Return to the previous track;
  • Queue list (ephemeral message that only you can see);


  • Mute system stability improvements;
  • Command мьют/mute now reports about possible issues with muted role;
  • Command цвет/color now reports about possible issues with color roles and manages them correctly;
  • Command слоумод/slowmode now uses duration syntax (10sec, 15min, 3h, etc);
  • "Repeated Text" Auto-Moderation filter now takes stickers into account;
  • Fixed an issue with clearing left member messages;


  • Added an option to reminders to auto-publish the reminder in news channel;
  • Command access errors are more detailed now and reports that exact member's roles are missing or ignored;
  • Fixed a voice channel mentions in audit messages;
  • subscriptions will now have an avatar by default;
  • Legacy message templates (single brackets) aren't supported anymore;
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 9.24#

  • Implemented a more reliable way to notify about server boosting. Discord's own boost notification must be enabled in order to get this notification working (it is possible to delete it though);
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 9.23#


  • Website interface was slightly updated to match actual Material Design guidelines;
  • New "Notifications" dashboard section as replacement for welcoming section:
  • Welcome/leave notifications settings was moved here;
  • Added a new notification for Nitro Boost servers (it has few limitations, check explanation message in dashboard);
  • Added an options to disable ban/kick/warn DM notifications;
  • Starting roles and roles restore settings were moved to Common settings;
  • Allowed/ignored channel settings now contains a channel categories available for selection;
  • Added an options to specify Minimal time duration between notifications for Twitch subscriptions;

Template engine#

  • Added an option to add a message reactions to the template message itself and to createEmbed builder;
  • Note: It is limited to 1 reaction per message for servers without bonus and to 5 reactions per messages for servers with bonuses;
  • Added a new variable with server boost count: {{ guild.boostCount }};


  • Added a "Member screening" support. Now bot will not any starting roles until member successfully pass the member screening and agree with server rules;
  • reminder/напоминание command now supports "today" syntax, just specify time without date;
  • Fixed an issue with unmute in private channels in case if muted member was granted an access to this channel using direct permission overrides;
  • Fixed an issue with mute caused by managed role access rights update mechanism:
  • Note: You can enable managed role back again if you disabled it because this issue;
  • Fixed an issue with the audit unwarn messages were sent even if those warns were removed earlier;
  • Fixed an issue with forest fuss when single person could get a few player positions in lobby;
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 9.22#


  • Update Lavaplayer library base to the latest at the moment (1.3.67);
  • Fixed an issues with SoundCloud playback.


  • Audit settings now has a hint with useful information about webhooks management;
  • Content length of alias custom command now accepts up to 20000 characters reserved for template engine code;
  • Added an option to disable reposts publishing in subscriptions;
  • Added an option to disable public ranking Web page.


  • Added a success/error emoji icons to corresponding command messages;
  • Added a success messages for бан/ban and кик/kick commands with detailed information;
  • Reasons of бан/ban now contains a duration if specified;
  • Improved information content of очистить/clear command;
  • Added an option to words filter allowing matching only whole words whitespace separated or partial matches;
  • Auto-moderation filter notifications can't be sent to direct messages anymore (I'm sorry);
  • Owner's messages will not be deleted anymore in case owner has muted role assigned.


  • Fixed an issue with ранг/rank command when it always mentioned members if replies system were enabled;
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.

Version 9.21#

  • Fixed an issue with voice role removed if user switched between voice channels with the same role assigned;
  • Fixed an issue with messages weren't deleted for mutes members if their messages are replies;
  • Fixed an issue with mute role restoring for rejoined members;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 9.20#

  • Discord Reply feature integration:
  • Bot now replies to commands (both internal and custom);
  • Auto-Moderation now replies to infractions;
  • Reminders now replies to commands created them (works only with newly created reminders);
  • It is possible to turn it on and off in common settings of dashboard (disabled by default);
  • Fixed an issue with mute role restored on re-join even if mute is not valid anymore;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 9.19#

  • [audit] Audit system now works over webhooks instead of sending messages directly;
  • Implemented a lot of internal optimizations and stability improvements;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 9.18#

  • Fixed an issue with existing permission overrides in text channels getting granted send message permission for unmuted members (now it clears into "/");
  • Fixed an issue with member names broken in titles of some commands if they contained Markdown sequences (moderation, music);
  • Fixed an issue with YouTube music searching;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 9.17#

  • [web] Added a moderation option allowing moderators with higher role to punish other moderators with lower role;
  • [web] Message templates improvements:
  • Added a new global variable bot as Member instance of bot;
  • Attributes references improvements;
  • лидеры/leaders command now accepts emojis as sort options (🏆 | 🎤 | 🍪);
  • Fixed an issue with YouTube channel search at subscriptions;
  • Fixed an issue with clear command cleared webhooks messages with specified member;
  • Fixed an issue with member names broken in titles of лидеры/leaders commands if they contained Markdown sequences;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 9.16#

  • Some осебе/bio command improvements;
  • [web] Message templates improvements:
  • Toolbar improvements (link, roles, channels insertion);
  • Template engine now supports Elvis operator (<expression> ?: <default_value>);
  • Fixed an issue with member names broken in titles of юзер/user, аватар/avatar commands if they contained Markdown sequences;
  • Fixed an issue with auto-moderation links trigger not worked correctly with empty whitelist;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 9.15#

  • integration improvements:
  • Added an option to hide community URL in post footers;
  • Fixed an issue when URLs containing markdown characters were broken;
  • Moderation audit logs like ban/kick/mute/warn now contains the link to command or infraction message;
  • Added an option to restore all starting roles on member's rejoin;
  • Fixed an issue with embed color of лис/fox command;
  • Fixed an issue with hidden owner of сервер/serverinfo command;
  • [web] Fixed an issue when shard searching by server id worked incorrectly;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 9.14#

  • integration improvements:
  • Updated API version to 5.101;
  • Added a reposts support;
  • Added an ability to filter posts using keywords;
  • Added an ability to specify custom message (useful for roles mentions);
  • Fixed an issue when flood auto-moderation filter triggered for message updates;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 9.13#

  • Command сервер/serverinfo improvements:
  • Removed "Cached" entry;
  • Displays server's banner if exists;
  • [Music] Added a продвинуть/promote command allowing to promote specified song as next in playback queue;
  • Command бонус/bonus now has an option to show payment list;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 9.12#

  • Fixed an issue with Forest Fuss DM actions not worked correctly;
  • Command help message accessed by ? sign will not be deleted anymore;
  • Command юзер/user now shows Spotify playback information;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 9.11#

  • Message templates improvements:
  • Now you can activate strict mode manually, check use tag in a documentation;
  • Dates are now display in correct language by default without using date function;
  • Fixed a message about unknown user in ban command;
  • Added a разбан/unban command allowing to unban member by his ID, name or tag;
  • Command сервер/serverinfo updated;
  • Command очистить/clear updated;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 9.10#

  • Message templates improvements:
  • A strict mode has been implemented which means that attempt to access undefined variable or non-existent property/function will lead to template compilation error;
  • Embed now supports update existent message by its id (update function instead of send);
  • New everyone/here mention control. In case if they are forbidden, they will not be masked by invisible character but disabled;
  • Auto-moderation links filter now will not trigger on the invites created for your own server (requires Manage Server permission);
  • Fixed an issue with duplicated command executions;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 9.9#

  • Fixed broken викифур/wikifur command;
  • Fixed public mentions @everyone/@here not worked correctly in reminders created at the dashboard;
  • [web] Fixed issues with dashboard settings messed after switching between tabs few times;
  • Added an option to let repeatable reminders work continuously even if there is no activity on the channel;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 9.8#

  • Zalgo filter now ignores mentions;
  • Ranking top by voice activity and cookies:
  • Using command лидеры/leaders;
  • Using ranking page on the website;
  • [donate] Start date for repeatable reminders;
  • [forest fuss] Now all players can skip current game step if they need to (for example if someone went AFK);
  • [audit] Audit system improvements:
  • Bot add/leave actions now works correctly;
  • [web] Ignored text channels for message edit/delete/clear logs;
  • Now you can configure the delay before system messages deletion for both success and error messages;
  • Fixed some issues with emojis detection in message templates;
  • Fixed an issue with permanent mute using auto-moderation filters;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 9.7#

  • Extended Reminder System:
  • Command напомни/remind has been renamed to напоминание/reminder;
  • Now you're able to check server's reminder list and remove reminders you don't need anymore;
  • Command syntax has been changed, check command help to see what changed;
  • Now you can control reminders using dashboard;
  • [donate] Repeatable reminders with intervals;
  • Now bot will not delete user's messages if he has a mute role in case it is not managed. This giving administrator full control over mute role;
  • Fixed some issues with mentions detection in message templates;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 9.6#

  • Message template improvements:
  • New property for Member: tag — returns user's tag in format Name#1234;
  • Fixed an issue with functions accepting null as parameters;
  • [audit] Added a new action type logging for removed and reset warnings;
  • Command бонус/bonus is not unavailable for configuring and enabled permanently for everyone;
  • Prefix cannot contain "`" character now;
  • Fixed issues with text formatting of YouTube/Twitch notifications, and their preview images should display correctly now;
  • Fixed an issue with cooldown was not available for longer than 17 days;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 9.5#

  • Message template improvements:
  • Fixed an confusion with the names of ranking variables:
    • Variable member.rank.remainingExp changed — now returns remaining EXP until the next level rather than the current EXP on the current level;
    • Variablemember.rank.levelCurrentExp added — returns current EXP on the current level;
  • Fixed an issues with some function invocations;
  • Auto-moderation improvements:
  • New filter has been added: Zalgo;
  • New restraints have been added: mute and change roles;
  • Fixed an issue with infinite rounds of Forest Fuss caused by Fox and Beaver gameplay conflict;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 9.4#

  • Bonus system update:
  • Now there is no explicit binding of bonuses to the server owner and bonuses can be activated on absolutely any servers, you don't have to be an owner now;
  • Due to the lack of binding, the number of available servers with bonuses is now limited:
    • Patreon: number is equal of subscription amount ($2 — 2 servers, $5 — 5 servers);
    • Nitro-Booster: any single server you want;
  • Command бонус/bonus has been updated, now it allows to manage bonuses on the servers:
    • Activate/deactivate bonuses on current on selected server by ID;
    • Show the list of active bonuses;
  • New subscription option through
  • If member speaking in voice channel while global muting, he will be kicked from voice channel;
  • Redesigned interface of embed fields editor in message templates and a list of reaction roles in custom commands;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 9.3#

  • Message template improvements:
  • Fixed an issue when Attribute's functions increment/decrement not worked correctly for some input;
  • Fixed an issue when reposts caused an empty messages with only @everyone if it was enabled;
  • сервер/serverinfo command improvements: reordered some fields, added a bonus status field with thanks message;
  • Mutes improvements:
  • Added new mute mode here additionally to everywhere;
  • [web] Added an option to select default mute mode so you can mute members on the whole server by default without everywhere keyword;
  • [web] Added an option to select muted role and disable an automated management of its permissions in the channels;
  • [audio] Fixed an issue with loading some user's Yandex.Music playlists;
  • слоумод/slowmode commands now supports duration up to 21600 seconds;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 9.2#

  • Message template improvements:
  • Ability to store your own custom member's data (attributes)
  • New data types:
    • Attribute — member attribute;
  • New property for Rank: voiceActivityMs — voice activity of member in milliseconds;
  • NEw functions for Member:
    • modifyNickname('Name') — change member's nickname;
    • getAttribute('key') — get member's attribute object with key key;
  • Huge commands Help information update:
  • [web] New command dictionary;
  • [web] It is integrated as dashboard's commands settings too;
  • Now you can get help information for every command using ?sign, for example !юзер ?;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 9.1#

  • Message template improvements:
  • New global functions:
    • startsWith — checks if string starts with specified prefix string;
    • endsWith — checks if string ends with specified suffix string;
    • contains — check if string contains other substring;
    • plural — selects word plural for specified number;
  • New data types:
    • Category — channel category;
    • Attachment — message attachment;
    • Embed — message embed for sending;
  • New TextChannel functions: createEmbed() — create new message embed;
  • New property for TextChannel and VoiceChannel: parent — returns channel category if exists;
  • New property for Member: bot — true if this member is bot;
  • New property for Message: attachments — attachments list;
  • Fixed an issue when ranking variables rolesToAdd, rolesToRemove not worked correctly;
  • Fixed an issue when variable {{member.rank.rank}} always returned 0;
  • Fixed an issue when message content was duplicated inside embed content in case it was empty;
  • Fixed an issue when backspace button not worked correctly inside message templates on mobile devices;
  • [Web] Enable/disable switch state of auto-moderation filters will now be saved immediately;
  • [Web] Fixed an issue when any subscription errors were not displayed correctly;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 9.0#

  • JuniperScript Template engine:
  • Extended template variables;
  • Expressions, algorithms, conditions;
  • Actions as part of template: role add/remove, send messages, check permissions;
  • Documentation:;
  • Examples:;
  • [Аудио] Improved очередь/queue command;
  • Command settings improvements:
  • Ability to hide the command;
  • Ability to limit the command to NSFW channels;
  • Separate save, save and close actions;
  • Ability to duplicate commands;
  • Now you can save using Ctrl+S hotkey;
  • [web] Improved bad words insertion in automoderation filter (split by spaces, commas);
  • Fixed an issue when actions per infractions with permanent duration not worked correctly, whoops;
  • Fixed an issue when ковид/covid not worked at all;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 8.9#

  • Fixed an issue when non-default accent color of messages not worked at custom commands, they had default orange;
  • [Audit] Improved audit forwarding settings, now you can specify individual channel per each action type;
  • Fixed an issues with performance on some shards;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 8.8#

  • [donate] Reaction roles improvements:
  • Now you can add multiple roles per one reaction;
  • New you can enable singular mode allowing to select roles of only one last selected reaction removing all previous;
  • Fixed an issue when JB-MUTED role has been force created by unmute command;
  • Fixed an issue when bot deleted all user's messages who was unmuted manually by removing channel's permission override;
  • Fixed an issue when Mole of forest fuss was able to check multiple players at once;
  • Fixed an issues with music playback;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 8.7#

  • Custom commands improvements:
  • Reserved command names restriction has been removed;
  • Command names now can contain any characters except spaces;
  • Improved {content} variable, now it supports arguments range:
    • {content:2..5} — inserts arguments from second to fifth;
    • {content:2..} — inserts second and all following arguments;
    • {content:..5} — inserts arguments from first to fifth;
  • Fixed an issue when key words of commands color/цвет and remind/напомни were localized by interface language;
  • Fixed an issue when unused color roles didn't deleted;
  • Fixed an issue when bot didn't stopped the playback if he was removed from channel manually;
  • Any duration command now supports minutes as m/м;
  • Success message of temporary role granting will not be removed now;
  • New command covid/ковид with information about world COVID-19 situation;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 8.6#

  • [Moderation] Moderation system improvements:
  • Now you don't have to mention member to remove his warnings, just use case number instead;
  • Added a new command temprole/времроль can be used to give roles temporary;
  • Added a new command resetwarns/сброспредcan be used to reset all warnings on server or just for @mentioned member;
  • [Audit] Added a new action type for roles changing logging;
  • [web] Dark Theme has been implemented (you can turn it on/off using button at site footer);
  • [web] Commands search has been implemented;
  • Added a new command emote/эмоция can be used to get detailed information about emote, emoji or characters;
  • Remind message and result of !t command now implemented as embed messages;
  • Fixed an issue when new members getting reward role for level 0;
  • Fixed an issue when some youtube subscriptions weren't listed in search results ;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 8.5#

  • [web] Website improvements:
  • Colors reset button has been added to rank card;
  • Website navigation and footer has been updated (language change and useful links);
  • Added a "Terms of Service" section:;
  • Added a "Privacy Policy" section:;
  • Now all tabs of dashboard have their own links;
  • Delayed message removing option has been added to all message templates;
  • Fixed an issue when capslock filter triggered on some mentions or emoji names;
  • Fixed an issue when warning didn't flushed on reaching maximum level of warning infractions;
  • Starting roles will not be assigned if roles restore on rejoin was enabled and there is any role to restore;
  • Updated warns/преды to support pagination;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 8.4#

  • [Donate] Now you can customize default ranking card of your whole guild;
  • Now you can view full list of custom commands with their descriptions using help custom/хелп польз;
  • leaders/лидеры command now supports pagination;
  • White list option of invite codes has been added to links filter;
  • Now member will disappear from ranking list if his ranking got reset (manually or if he left guild);
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 8.3#

  • Auto-moderation improvements:
  • Fixed an issue with flood detection not worked properly;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 8.2#

  • [Donate] Rank card customization:
  • Configure colors of background, fonts, level progress line, shadows;
  • Upload your own background image;
  • New template variable {message.mentions} you can use to get message mentions info:
  • Amount of mentioned members in message: {message.mentions};
  • Get mentioned member by his number of occurrence in message {message.mentions.1};
  • Auto-moderation improvements:
  • Fixed an issue when sending pictures was triggered by flood filter;
  • Ban and kick in filter restraints;
  • Fixed an issues with link parsers for;
  • Fixed an issue when member lost access to channel with direct permission configured for him if he was unmuted there;
  • Discord's audit ban reason now contains moderator banned him;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 8.1#

  • Auto-moderation fixes and improvements:
  • Fixed an issue when bad words filter not worked correctly for compound words (fox, foxy, foxes);
  • [web] Minimal message length option in caps filter has been replaced with minimum amount of letters;
  • [web] New flood filter options:
    • Optional sequential messages counting (if disabled, it will count all nearest messages);
    • Ability to stop flood counter reset when a violation is detected;
  • The flood filter is not case sensitive now;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 8.0-hotfix#

  • Server owner and administrators can now remove their own warns using снятьпред/remwarn command;
  • Auto-moderation fixes and improvements:
  • Fixed an issue with bad words wasn't case-independent;
  • Fixed an issue with capslock triggered on messaged without any letter;
  • Fixed an issue with capslock triggered on emote's and mention's names;
  • Messages deleted by auto-moderation now logging at audit with auto-moderation related reason;
  • [web] Infraction notification message deletion can be configured or disabled at all in filter settings;
  • Capslock filter now has length 10 characters и 70% capslock by default;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 8.0#

  • [Moderation] Huge moderation improvements:
  • Auto-moderation system watching for:
    • External links and server invites;
    • Bad words;
    • Repeated text (flood);
    • Сaps Lock;
    • Excessive use of emoticons;
    • Excessive use of mentions;
  • Actions per infractions improvements:
    • New duration selection interface;
    • Bans duration, not just mute as before;
  • [Audio] Most of the informational messages will be deleted after some time to keep channel clean;
  • [web] New emoji selector:
  • Custom command reactions select;
  • Emoji insert button in all message templates;
  • Changing roles custom commands now can be used to @mentioned members (optional);
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 7.13#

  • !help and !bonus commands now are language independent;
  • Fixed track listened status on repeat mode;
  • Fixed broken !cat/!кот command;
  • [web] The set of emojis was updated (reactions selection);
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 7.12#

  • Fixed broken subscriptions;
  • Fixed an issue when you was able to view the bot's rank;
  • Fixed an issue when playing track can stuck at the end of playback;
  • Fixed message ID formatting at audit logs;
  • New template variables:
  • {message.*}message information variables setusable for:
    • Ranking as source message gained new level;
    • Custom commands as source message invoked these commands;
  • {currentTime} — current time in guild's timezone;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 7.11#

  • Music feature improvements:
  • [web] New option to select search source:
    • Yandex.Music (by default);
    • YouTube;
    • SoundCloud;
  • Music control icons have been updated;
  • Preparing infrastructure to recover stable YouTube playback;
  • [Audit] Fixed message edit audit action broken link in Russian locale;
  • Fixed unmute issue of temporary mutes;
  • !serverinfo/!сервер channel icons have been updated;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 7.10#

  • Many optimizations and performance improvements;
  • [web] Custom commands improvements:
  • New compact custom commands settings;
  • New command settings dialog for both custom and internal commands;
  • [Audit] Fixed layout issues with audit forwarding messages;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 7.9#

  • Improved bot statistics notifications to bot lists;
  • Patreon юзер/user was updated;
  • Fixed warning expiration;
  • Fixed reserved commands checks in custom commands;
  • Fixed dashboard performance issues (lags on weak devices);
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 7.8#

  • Total commands handled counter is back;
  • Custom status support in юзер/user;
  • юзер/user command now contains badges. For now they are only for developer and Patrons;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 7.7#

  • Internal infrastructure was update to improve performance and stability (yeah we hope so);
  • [Рейтинг] Ranking system improvements:
  • лидеры/leaders command now shows Top-10 of members on the server;
  • Fixed ранг/rank didn't worker for some members;
  • [web] New shard statistics;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 7.6#

  • [Audit] New action type for voice move event;
  • Fixed custom commands invocations via @mention;
  • вычислить/math command improvements:
  • Precision is 32 digits now;
  • Fixed error handling;
  • Fixed duration texts for mute commands, again;
  • Fixed role granting conflict using voice channels (between In-Voice role and ranking reward);
  • Mute role now configures category permissions according to text channel;
  • Custom command template variable {content} now supports parameters by their sequence number (divided by space): {content:1}, {content:2} and so on;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 7.5#

  • [Audit] Fixed name changing logging;
  • [Ranking] Ranking system improvements:
  • Command ранг/rank now works with user IDs;
  • Ranking card will not show cookies if they weren't enabled;
  • Fixed issue when members gained EXP using voice even if they had EXP ignoring role;
  • Added an option to set maximum member count in voice channel increasing voice EXP;
  • DM notifications about bans and warnings now contains their expiration dates;
  • "Assistant" was disabled as unnecessary and unwilling to support it;
  • New command вычислить/math for mathematical expressions evaluation;
  • Fixed nickname restore on member rejoin;
  • Fixed duration texts for mute commands, again;
  • Fixed audit warning action not contained warning expiration if specified;
  • Fixed command очистить/clear usage with @mentioned member;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 7.4#

  • [Ranking] Ranking system improvements:
  • [Patreon] Exp multiplier in range 50% - 500%
  • [Patreon] Voice experience gaining (with multiplier support too);
  • Command ранг/rank now uses image cards;
  • [music] Music improvements:
  • [Patreon] Playback progress bar;
  • плей/play commands with no arguments will return help message;
  • Fixed очистить/clear didn't cleared system messages;
  • Fixed юзер/user didn't worked for bots;
  • [Moderation] Moderation system improvements:
  • Warning duration support for command пред/warn;
  • Units support for warn/mute durations (year, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds);
  • Temporal bans support;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 7.3#

  • [music]
  • SoundCloud fixes (again...);
  • Yandex.Music track, playlists and albums playback has been implemented;
  • Music search will now use Yandex.Music instead or YouTube;
  • Command юзер/user now contains last online date;
  • [web] Message templates in panel mode now supports message outside of panel;
  • [web] Alias custom command now ignores the prefix in its content;
  • [web] Added new message template variables:
  • {server.owner}
  • {member.level}
  • {member.voiceTime}
  • {member.cookies}
  • [Ranking] Fixed "Ranking is not available for this member";
  • Following commands are now supporting ID as well as mention:
  • юзер/user
  • аватар/avatar
  • бан/ban
  • кик/kick
  • мьют/mute
  • пред/warn
  • преды/warns
  • снятьпред/remwarn
  • размьют/unmute
  • очистить/clear
  • цвет/color
  • [audit] New audit action type "Messages has been cleared" which logs usage of command очистить/clear as well as keeps deleted content in audit channel;
  • Command бонус/bonus now supports its disabling using minus sign: !bonus -;
  • Updated status icons for юзер/user and platform icons for steam commands;
  • Duration texts for mute commands has been fixed;
  • Fixed повтор/repeat command;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 7.2#

  • Fix broken SoundCloud playback;
  • Some small fixes and improvements.

Version 7.1#

  • [web] Welcome option "Restore member's roles on re-join" was splited into two independent options for roles and nicknames;
  • [ranking] New moderator command уровень/levelcan be used to change member's ranking level;
  • [custom commands/bonus] Reaction roles using message custom command;